Ladies And Gentleman Please

First and foremost, I don’t have a name as far as your concerned. Why does a blogger have to have a name? Does that make her more credible? or does it open a worm hole of rejections from jobs, diverse opinions can wreck havoc in the office and your social circle. So for the purpose of really being honest, let’s keep things anonymous, Alright?!

I’d like to think that I am a free spirited person with an open-mind. Here is a peek into my open book with this fun meme: My Life As A Book. You should keep in mind that I read a lot of poetry and thrillers, so I am not going to go all emo and slice my wrist or anything.

I Am: Riding The Bullet (Stephen King)

I Feel Like: The Sun Dog (Stephen King)

If I Could Go Anywhere, I Would Go To:
Swimming To Catalina (Stuart Woods)

My Friends Are: Tommy Knockers (Stephen King)

What life is to me: Double Cross ( James Patterson )

I fear: Strangers In Death ( Nora Roberts)

I know: Everything’s Eventual ( Stephan King )

Best advice I can give: Roses Are Red ( James Patterson )

Thought for the Day: Nobody Does It Better ( Cecily Von Ziegezar)

How I would like to die: Breaking Dawn ( Stephenie Meyer)

My soul’s present condition: Catalyst ( Laurie Halse Anderson )

this list might also show that I need to broaden my reading material. Have any great thrillers, mysteries, or non fiction reads to recommend?

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